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Curriculum Information

The BHH website was designed for teacher convenience and ease of use. We hope we’ve been successful! The site includes three main components:

  1. Descriptions of the project -- Curriculum, goals and history education research.  We will add to and update these elements on an ongoing basis.
  2. The BHH grade-level curriculum units.
  3. A set of general resources for all BHH teachers.

To get started with BHH curriculum, we suggest reading the Introduction, followed by our General Resources. After you read these materials, we recommend you next go to the Grade-level Units and explore the instructional materials we offer.

Iowa teachers may wish to peruse the BHH alignment with the Iowa Core Curriculum.  

General Resources

Here you will find:
  • An introduction to primary source analysis and
  • Worksheets your students will use to analyze primary sources.
You will also find:
  • Links to various websites where you may enhance your own knowledge of the history you teach,
  • Links to timelines for your units,
  • Lists of video titles and additional book titles organized by unit topic, and
  • Basic rubrics adaptable for various BHH student learning assessments.

Recent News

Bringing History Home 2011-12

Bringing History Home is now in all K-5 classrooms in the Cedar Rapids CSD and Prairie College Community
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Reviews of BHH Lesson Plans on the NHEC

The National History Education Clearinghouse has reviewed two Bringing History Home units. The reviews assess the BHH First

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BHH in College History Classrooms!

Dr. Catherine Denial of Knox College has been the BHH lead historian since the project began nine years ago.  

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